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Morigawa Akumi

[003]: Capitulation

Characters: Kunzite, Mercury
Universe: any; present life
X-Posted: deviantArt
Summary: Mercury allows a kiss - if Kunzite will get out. It doesn't go as planned.

"A kiss." The blue-haired girl favored the tall man beside her with a smile that could have been called sweet if it had extended to her eyes and her posture.

"Oho?" The man slid his eyes towards the girl, glancing almost downward first as though considering something, followed by turning his head to look at her. The corner of his mouth perked upward in a smirk.

Mercury had begun to notice once more how Kunzite's eyes followed her at times, the little lift to his lips that was a smirk somehow unlike the one that usually seemed to hover ever-present there, the way if she looked at just the right moment, she could catch him watching her like a connoisseur might eye an exquisite painting, or perhaps a sculpture. An ice sculpture that was his own creation.

It was flattering and unnerving at once, as though he could reach right into her and see everything - and wanted to. That look of avid interest was a balm to the lonely Jyuuban district genius still inside the blue-haired senshi somewhere.

"If you want," the girl offered with another little smile, steeling herself for the lesser of two evils, "If you'll get out of here." It was her turn to smirk, taking over the smile, as she glanced smugly away, eyes almost glittering with repressed amusement and an obvious belief she'd gotten the upper hand.

Kunzite breathed in deeply as she said it before letting out a slow exhalation. It was a secret to neither of them that he favored her but, as often seemed to happen with the sailor senshi, she was walking into uncharted waters that might well come over her head. If she was doing it willingly, he'd let her learn that for herself.

He closed the distance between them, steps quiet even in the boots of his uniform. The shitennou's eyes never left his senshi's face as he drew nearer. He could see she was already less sure of her little game. She never should have begun it. His white-gloved hand reached out to her face and there was no stinging slap, no strike from her arm to deny him this time.

The black-haired man let his fingers brush the blue-haired girl's cheek on their way to her neck, where they rested in what was both a hold and a caress at the same time. He saw everything then in the way her lips parted before he'd even started to lean in as he drew her closer, his other hand firmly at her waist now.

Not even conscious of that response herself, Mercury tried to duck her head away, suddenly nervous, but the hand so light at her neck and the arm so steady at her back forbade it. She looked up at Kunzite, stripped of the pride and stubbornness that so often made it a defiant gesture. She looked like the young girl she still was as she caught her breath. She never should have begun this.

It wasn't him. Or rather, it was. Kunzite had the distinct satisfaction of awareness that this, this was not the result of his spell. This was her own will, the will of the blue-haired girl he was shaping to perfection for himself and himself alone, acted on in an impulsive moment but carried through because of her own desire. He was desirable to her just as she was to him. He wouldn't be leaving for a long time, and certainly not permanently. Distinctly enjoying this moment, this other mastery of her reactions and responses, Kunzite finally bent his head to claim his senshi's lips with his own.
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